Lunch Box (1992)
Lunch Box (1992)

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Lunch Box (1992)

C.C and Waldo are two derpwads who just graduated high school and are looking to become real manly men and start scoring with hot chicks. Waldo just wants to get a job at Burger World, but C.C. knows that hard hats are what pull all the chicks, so they get a summer job at a warehouse. Before they can become real men, they need to get real lunch boxes, so they head down the street to buy one from a local hustler out of the back of his pick-up truck. His first day on the job, C.C. accidentally swaps the healthy lunch his mom made with an identical lunch box full of cocaine. After over-indulging in his first experience with booger sugar, he proceeds to randomly stack boxes in the walkway while annoying the shit out of everyone at about 12 words per second. At this point his new boss is ready to kick his ass, but can’t, because Maggie, the sultry seductress running the warehouse, has decided to make his friend Waldo her new sexual handyman. While Waldo is busy discovering he missed his calling as a male stripper, C.C. is day-dreaming about his dream girl Annie stripping on a forklift palette and tickling him with a hand job. Meanwhile, two warehouse workers Morty and Shorty are trying to get back the cocaine they lost in the lunch box, but they keep getting distracted by donuts and ding dongs (the snack). The explosive finale concludes with a pool party full of hard hats, cocaine smuggling, and more titties.
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