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Ribu Aristokrat 34: Die Beichte eines Call-Girls (1980’s)
Ribu Aristokrat 34: Die Beichte eines Call-Girls (1980’s)
Ribu Aristokrat 34: Die Beichte eines Call-Girls (1980’s)

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Ribu Aristokrat 34: Die Beichte eines Call-Girls (1980’s)

Desiree, a call girl, gives a lesson on love positions to a sex-obsessed reporter. However, also for her it becomes a lesson in the most absolute positions. After the reporter has already convinced a call girt with his penis, he tries to hear more by dressing like a Father and confessing another girl. What he hears now, lets tremble even him as an experienced orgasm robber. The call girt tells him how she was abused by a male doll. In that sexual intercourse she could not notice anything worldly any longer. She could no longer count how often she had had her orgasm. She, therefore, asked this question in the confessional: “Was it sin or was it no sin?” Remark by ribu Produktion: it was more than sin
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