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Hurlements d’extase (1979)
Hurlements d’extase (1979)
Hurlements d’extase (1979)

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Hurlements d’extase (1979)

Two women decide to use men to get rid of their craving for sex. One scene involves Guy Royer bound before the two women who tease him and play on his frustrated state. In fact Michel first lose a lot of money and jewellery playing poker with the 2 women, to recover it they ask him to murder a man, and in addition he has to become completely devoted to the 2 women, particularly for sex relations, therefore they play with him, tease him and frustrate him. Finally, they let him have sex with them but he must respect his promise to kill that unknown man, what he will do at the end of the film Length: 55 minutes where EGAFD mentions 70 min and Le Dictionnaire de Mr Bier mentions that the movie released in theatre was 88 min. but that the Video version is only 55 min
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