Lingerie (1983)
Lingerie (1983)

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Lingerie (1983)

Any movie featuring the legendary John C. Holmes is a sexual event. With the virility of Tarzan, the style of Don Juan, and a 14″ penis worthy of a horse, Holmes has what it takes to stand out amongst porn’s interchangeable cocks and cunts. But even without the great Johnny “Wadd,” LINGERIE would tower above its erotic competition. Quite simply, this X-rated suck ‘n’ fuck fest has the personnel, the script and the direction to make it an all-time classic dick-stiffener. The cast list alone is enough to get your juices flowing. Director Jerry Bronson and Diamond Collection Home Video have put together a stunning slew of sex stars and stars-to-be. Along with Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage and a thick, long list of newcummers provide the cocks. Veteran Jennifer West heads up the pussy parade as Monica, the film’s heroine. Plenty of fresh, young bodies cum along for the rides, including VELVET’s discovery Rene Summers, Tara Aire, Lindie Shaw and Rosie Marie. As a special bonus for your boners,LINGERIE introduces a blonde bombshell who’s bound to screw her way into your heart: luscious Lisa Lake. With a tight young body, an innocent face, and the horny eagerness of a confirmed slut, Lake is like a cross between Brooke Shields, Marilyn Monroe and Seka. In the words of director Jerry Bronson, “She’s going to be hot.” Her outdoor fuck scene with Holmes is already one of the hottest sequences ever immortalized on celluloid. LINGERIE has no fewer than 14 sex scenes, capturing virtually every combination and sexual escapade known to modern man. Now, a film with such a stellar cast and so much sex hardly needs anything more to justify it, but LINGERIE provides something out of the ordinary in erotic cinema—a plot. Not just a weak story used as a filler between fucks, but an honest-to-God, coherent and interesting plot. Jennifer West (Monica) is the head of a lingerie firm, a struggling business on the verge of either big success or big failure. Her sultry, silky designs are second to none, but a competing lingerie manufacturer will stop at nothing to sabotage her success. The ruthless heavy (played by Jason Thorpe) has even recruited a spy at Monica’s factory to get a jump on her. The mystery of the film revolves around the spy, and who it might be. Is it Libby (Lindie Shaw), Monica’s right-hand girl and best friend? is it Billy (Eric Edwards), her trusted assistant? Or is is Todd (Greg Derek), the suave fashion photographer? LINGERIE, besides being an intense erotic flick, is a fascinating expose of industrial sleaze. It’s something like Dallas with plenty of cumshots. The sensuality of the luscious lingerie clinging to beautiful models is contrasted with the vulgar reality of back-stabbing business tactics. The film delivers a wallop from both angles.
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