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Sonia et L’amour des Femmes (1981)
Sonia et L’amour des Femmes (1981)
Sonia et L’amour des Femmes (1981)

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Sonia et L’amour des Femmes (1981)

Two lesbian girls were in love with each other. But each of them could not help to be unfaithful. Sonia and Kris are lesbians living together. They make love in the bath. Then Kris goes off on a trip. Sonia is driving through a multi-storey car park and disturbs Dominique Aveline attempting to rape ‘Alexa’ (XNK0068). She consoles her in the car. Back at her apartment, the promiscuous Sonia is visited by ‘Barbara’ (Pascale Vital, but not so credited) for a g/g session on Sonia’s pool table. Then Alexa visits for another g/g session including being fucked with Sonia’s strap-on. Kris comes back and discovers them in bed together and calls Sonia a whore, but when the situation is explained she happily joins in for a threesome. Sumptuous sceneries, saphic love, subtle games, passionate pleasures with dildoes..
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