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Wara 04: Jungfrau vom Bums-Motel (1970’s)
Wara 04: Jungfrau vom Bums-Motel (1970’s)
Wara 04: Jungfrau vom Bums-Motel (1970’s)

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Wara 04: Jungfrau vom Bums-Motel (1970’s)

In the evening blonde Hannelore comes with her shy boyfriend to fuck-motel. Her friends is very sensitive, before he is really able to fuck her, he has an early shot. Full of shame, because he cannot satisfy his beautiful girlfriend, he furtively leaves the motel at night. The next morning she awakes, alone and without any money. The black-haired chamber-maid makes the suggestion, she should also job as a chamber-maid. They become friends and at the same time their lesbian inclination fully appears. At once the “seat blonde” is striking the male guests. They make up to her and complications happen, as there is also a husband among the guests, who is promptly noticed. There are many single and joint actions. Come along into the motel! Attractive quality of picture and sound is stimulating
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