O Idonovlepsias (1984)
O Idonovlepsias (1984)

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O Idonovlepsias (1984)

Elias is an incurable ‘Peeping Tom’. In the first scene, hidden behind some rocks near the seashore, he masturbates while watching the sexy encounter of a couple on the beach. Sexually aroused, he returns home and listens to another couple fucking in the neighbouring apartment. He manages to open a peep hole in the door, finally to be able to watch the coupling of young Joe with college girl Bessie and to jerk off. Later on, his girlfriend Sonia joins in. She is extremely horny and gets roughly (and especially anally) fucked. Elias can’t stop thinking of his young neighbours, even at work. Back at his apartment, he overhears Joe and Bessie arguing about having a threesome with Joe’s buddy Phoebus. She doesn’t consent, and even refuses to just fuck with Joe, in the presence of his friend. So, Joe slaps her. Elias calls a policeman, mainly as a pretext to get better acquainted with his neighbours. Next day, he tells Sonia of his voyeuristic experiences and they jointly peep at another couple (Anna
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