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Wara 14: Analita’s Doppelstich (1970’s)
Wara 14: Analita’s Doppelstich (1970’s)
Wara 14: Analita’s Doppelstich (1970’s)

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Wara 14: Analita’s Doppelstich (1970’s)

Wearing stockings and suspender, impatient and masturbating herself, a lascivious dark girl wants for two young boys with whom she has an appointment for a sex-orgie. Alter a short time it’ s ringing and the two casanovas appear. Without much circumspoction they go straigh ahead to get down to business. While she opens the trousers of one of the boys and leek his cunt to get a straigh candle, the other boy plays with her dark plum, offered between wide-opened legs and surrounded from stockings and suspender. As soon as the candle gets hard he fucks her arse. Good pictures. The other boy doesn’t want only to watch, he also puts his cock in her backside what sounds impossible the two boys fuck the girl’s arse, at the same time! Two tails at the same time, in the same hole! A unique sensation! The orgie continues wildly and not only anal. All are realy good, also good the quality of the pictures and of the sound.
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