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Wara 26: Gestochene Lesben (1970’s)
Wara 26: Gestochene Lesben (1970’s)
Wara 26: Gestochene Lesben (1970’s)

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Wara 26: Gestochene Lesben (1970’s)

A souther’s violent gust and a drowlng stamp had been the reason for a sting of two lesbians with hot-tempered effects. Two female vacationers feeling bored make the acquaintance of a sportsman, who apart from playing at tenni is used to play various sizes of different balls. Their passionate, lesbian hobby is suddenly interrupted by the appeareance of the very tennis-player and hammer-tosser who enters this lesbian nest for a stamp. The one succeeds In escaping, the other one is stung by this cur-throat who can be said to have been qualifield for the Olympic games. He makes use of all rules and disciplines. The other one dares little by little to come back, self-abusing until the irresistible orgasm. This alerted the sportsman: now it is her turn to be stung. His trained constitution impresses by its powerful effects. Your projector does not fail to produce its effects, neither thanks to our quality with regard to pictures and sound.
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