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Wara 79: Bumsi 04 (1980’s)
Wara 79: Bumsi 04 (1980’s)
Wara 79: Bumsi 04 (1980’s)

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Wara 79: Bumsi 04 (1980’s)

A young sportsman drives with his hot, fullbosomed girlfriend out in the country to do a llttle jogging. As usual tha chubby beauty massages his stiffened cock on the lonesome meadow. With his huge stick he fiddles this juicy girl from the front and from behind, and her tears come down. Her lascivious body with that black plum makes him act like a wild horse. Then he starts with his training on field – and wood-paths, while his girlfriend is pissing and sun-bathing. Now he meets a commercial traveller selling beveragers, provides himself with coke and sands this guy for his fucky mouse to pay his invoice. The businessman takes the money, of course, but he also takes plenty of interest by pushing his immersion heater into her hot body again and again. Suddenly the sportsman takes notice of the false game and secretly he drinks up all of the beverages little by llttle with every round. A fair penalty. Funny film with excellent quality of pictures and sound.
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