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Wara 87: Lustwandler (1980’s)
Wara 87: Lustwandler (1980’s)
Wara 87: Lustwandler (1980’s)

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Wara 87: Lustwandler (1980’s)

Two couples with their camper travelling in tropical regions feel very well in sunny Middle America. In view of the golden bananas on the plantations and the high, slender palms the warm juice is rising in the cocks of the two daring guys. And while they take a walk at an idylic sea, their hot playmates are tumbling at and in their flies. Now the couples are rubbing and separately walking leisurely along the sea, until one couple stays out of sight suspiciously long. They are found sucking and fucking in a feverish hurry. In a quartet all of them are tumbling, sucking, licking and fucking in many positions, till everyone has had his climax brilliantly. All that presses very much on the girl’s bladders, what can be seen clearly. Much action, close-ups, pissing, huge cocks and excellent quatitiy of pictures and sound.
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