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Wara 96: Deckoffizer (1980’s)
Wara 96: Deckoffizer (1980’s)
Wara 96: Deckoffizer (1980’s)

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Wara 96: Deckoffizer (1980’s)

Finally in the port and on shore, a deck officee wants to have a good time. Today he must have something in front of hit rifle, otherwise his balls will burst. Driving with his hired car towards the beach, he finds two young naked girls while having a piss at a lonesome shore. He watches them, and as the two discover the guy, they are running to their clothes. Then the horny nude women invite this enthusiastic swimmer to follow them home, where all three of them enioy themselves together in many positions. The girls really get their money’s worth, because they have not expected such a famished boy. As the younger one of both is milking the juice out of his cock, while he is fucking her girlfriend, her husband appears. There is not much time left. Much action, fantastic close ups, excellent quality of pictures and sound.
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