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Wara 53: Strapsen Muffel (1980’s)
Wara 53: Strapsen Muffel (1980’s)
Wara 53: Strapsen Muffel (1980’s)

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Wara 53: Strapsen Muffel (1980’s)

The young blonde wife, always hungry for sex, cannot understand that her own man does not feel enthusiastic about her, even now when she is dancing attendance on him, only wearing charming undies. A reel booby. Just this shit-club in mind. Why does he need his cock any longer?! He disappears and she stays with moist wound in plush. Masturbation is wonderful, a corrupt girlfriend is excellent. After her emergency call by phone the lascivious one appears and soon there’s the smell of fish in the air. For the first time the electrical tooth-brush is used serving special turn during this lesbian clitoris-party. Between suspenders belts and delicate thighs hot lust hides. Suddenly her husband returns, hears suspect noise and watches through the key-hole, rubbing his cock, the lesbian bustle. He is noticed and now he has to play as red-hot cock in a striking double act. Good quality of pictures and sound.
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