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Mary Flegus, Mary Flegus (1977)
Mary Flegus, Mary Flegus (1977)
Mary Flegus, Mary Flegus (1977)

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Mary Flegus, Mary Flegus (1977)

This is a comparable spoof. The makers took the TV-series “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” and turned it into hardcore. Now the original TV-series is one of the best of all absurd series ever made in the USA. Louise Lasser is Mary Hartman and she happens to be stupid and intelligent at the same time. The series was not to everybody’s taste, but like “Soap” it was a bit of genius. This spoof is not as bad as most others. Mary Flegus is played by Victoria Corsaut, wearing a wig just like Louise Lasser’s in the TV-series. Some of the conversations are quite absurd and rather like in the TV-series. Most however are not as absurd and amusing. A rather strange atmosphere is created, the makers succeeded there. However the hardcore does actually not fit in. Who wants to see Louise Lasser in bed? She has the erotic radiance of a radish. And so does Mary Flegus. The first sex scene is of a man pumping a woman. But she is not interested in his bonking at all. As a spoof this is OK, but who wants to watch this? Those who love the original series and serious movie lovers are offended by the sex and those who love porn are offended by the cold woman who is not even pretending to amuse herself while in the sack. And actually that is what’s wrong with this movie: it is not appealing to anyone.
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