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Diamond Collection 042: Bi-Sexual (1970’s)
Diamond Collection 042: Bi-Sexual (1970’s)
Diamond Collection 042: Bi-Sexual (1970’s)

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Diamond Collection 042: Bi-Sexual (1970’s)

—After George does his duty to Linda and leaves for work, she lingers in the house unfulfilled. She calls Sally (Cris Cassidy) up for a cup of coffee, and is quickly overcome with a desire for Sally’s body. The two ladies lunge at each other in a torrid affair of lesbian lust. However, George forgot something at the house and returns to find the ladies entwined. He joins in the fun, making for a classic three-way that will have anyone cumming in their pants —George does his duty to Linda and heads for work, but she isn’t satisfied! When she gets Sally over for a cup of coffee, Sally’s body is too much! They both lunge at each other in a frenzy of love as only women know how! But George has forgotten something he forgot that he wanted to fuck both girls
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