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Vampyres (1974)
Vampyres (1974)
Vampyres (1974)

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Vampyres (1974)

—“Jose Ramon Larraz’s “Vampyres” is easily one of the best erotic horror movies ever made. This is surely a cult classic and should be treated with respect. A pair of sexy bisexual vampires played by Marianne Morris and Anulka live in an abandoned castle. Both stunning beauties lure passing motorists to their lair. “Vampyres” is a very remarkable horror film that perfectly mixes creepy atmosphere with delicious sleaze. There is also a nice amount of blood and gore, so I was pleased. The acting is great and the sex scenes are truly arousing. There is nothing overtly supernatural about the ‘vampyres’ for example they lack fangs and go about freely in daylight. So if you are a fan of erotic horror you can’t miss this masterpiece. 10 out of 10.” —Two mysterious women lure various passers-by to their rural mansion in the English countryside and hold them captive in order to feed on them to satisfy their insatiable thirst for blood —Fran and Miriam are a pair of beautiful vampires who get victims to pull over by hitchhiking. They proceed to bring them back to their house and drink their blood.
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