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Sarah Young Private Fantasies 02 (1990’s)
Sarah Young Private Fantasies 02 (1990’s)
Sarah Young Private Fantasies 02 (1990’s)

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Sarah Young Private Fantasies 02 (1990’s)

You’ll just love Sarah in the role of a businesswoman in Sarah Young’s Private Fantasies 2. Her partner would like to get into her dream of a costume, and what’s under (stockings plus salmon-red lingerie, and, the most tempting of course, Sarah’s cosmic cunt!). Phase two finds the blond bombshell lolling about the couch. She’s pure dynamite as her lover unpacks her eldorado-tits, seeking to cream them. What the Latina in her negligee orders by phone to her hotel room in part three is just enough to get the bell-boy going. He arrives, and is astounded when she asks “can you just take two minutes break? I need a man!” Her hairy pussy is as fiery as he is, and in the end, he covers her face and mouth with cream, waiting for her to suck every drop out of him. In fantasy four, a gal is hoping a fitness-trainer will demonstrate the power-machine – and he does. Soon the blond sports-gal is giving him a blowjob he won’t forget. Then she has him surfing in between her big tits and giving her his warm seed, which she keeps her mouth open for. A board game leads us to the finale. The game leads to the beauty presenting herself in lingerie to seduce her stud. He is taught that there are some essentials in this world – and one of them is to slide into a pink pussy between dark thighs
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