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Melody in Love (1978)
Melody in Love (1978)
Melody in Love (1978)

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Melody in Love (1978)

Inexperienced and curious Melody O’Brien flies to the Indian Ocean’s tropical island nation of Mauritius to visit her older glamorous female cousin, who’s now married, has a baby and lives in a villa on the beach. Her sexual awakening begins there as she becomes fascinated with the island, her beautiful sexually liberated cousin, the cousin’s lover and other characters. The movie is mostly composed of vignettes. In the market, a local tries to assault her, but another local intervenes and uses his martial arts skills to defend her honor. Her friends go on a boat trip to dive for a treasure on a sunken ship and fight sharks. She has a tryst with a horny local voyeuristic teen, who’s fascinated with her. Melody also snuggles in the nude with her cousin on occasion, but this never turns into anything more physical. The lover’s friend, who’s a teacher, must explain to three of his female students, who really like him, that he’s not interested. One of his female students
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