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Mesunekotachi no yoru (1972)
Mesunekotachi no yoru (1972)
Mesunekotachi no yoru (1972)

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Mesunekotachi no yoru (1972)

—Masako is a prostitute who works at a bathhouse in downtown Tokyo. She is sexually involved with her neighbor in the next apartment. However, when his friend falls in love with a young woman this creates a problem for all three of them —“Masako” (Tomoko Katsura) is a prostitute who works at a bathhouse called “the Turkish Paradise” in downtown Tokyo. Apparently, she is sexually involved with her bisexual neighbor in the next apartment who goes by the name of “Honda” (Ken Yoshizawa). Honda’s other lover is a male prostitute named “Makoto” (Hidetoshi Kageyama) who has recently fallen in love with a young woman. The problem is that Makoto has only been involved in gay relationships and doesn’t know how to make love to a woman. So he asks Honda to help him out. Realizing that he cannot be there in bed with the two of them Honda agrees to watch from the next room. Unfortunately, while Makoto struggles in vain to satisfy her, the woman happens to see Honda watching and angrily storms out of the apartment. This creates a problem not just for Makoto and Honda but for Masako as well.
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