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Sweet Sister (1974)
Sweet Sister (1974)
Sweet Sister (1974)

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Sweet Sister (1974)

Any flick whose opening shot is a closeup of a happy harden being rammed into a satisfied snatch can’t be bad, right? And when the snatch belongs to porn princess Cris Cassiday, it cunt be anything but good! Miss Cassidy is the titular Sweet Sister whose hapless and horny brother, Jamie, writes to her from college complaining that he can’t get laid. Sis, of course, is an absolute expert in getting laid, banging both her boyfriend, Jim, and her best girlfriend, Katy, before her virgin bro arrives on the scene. So, to help deflower her brother in style, Cassidy throws “a party at the cabin” where Katy, Jim, Richard Pacheco, and another gal make sure Jamie doesn’t go back to school with his cherry. Of course, more than Jamie gets laid which is what porno flicks are all about, right? In the end, Jamie is transformed into a stud, returns to college, and fucks the shit out of his chubby little coed girlfriend and we’re left with the sense that God is smiling and all is right in the world of 70’s porn.
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