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The World Of Henry Paris (1981)
The World Of Henry Paris (1981)
The World Of Henry Paris (1981)

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The World Of Henry Paris (1981)

The World of Henry Paris is a 1981 American compilation film of the 1970’s erotic films directed by Radley Metzger, working under the alias name of Henry Paris. This film presents highlights from many of his 1970’s erotic films which included Score (1974), The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1974), Naked Came The Stranger (1975), The Image (1975), The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), Barbara Broadcast (1977), Marashino Cherry (1978) and The Tale of Tiffany Lust (1979). The Henry Paris films were released during the Golden Age of Porn (inaugurated by the 1969 release of Andy Warhol’s Blue Movie) and the phenomenon of “porno chic” in the United States, in which adult erotic films were just beginning to be widely released, publicly discussed by celebrities and taken seriously by film critics. According to one film reviewer, Metzger’s films, including those made during the Golden Age of Porn (1969–1984), are noted for their “lavish design, witty screenplays, and a penchant for the unusual camera angle”. Another reviewer noted that his films were “highly artistic, often cerebral and often featured gorgeous cinematography”. Film and audio works by Metzger have been added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. FOR TRIVIA FANS: One of the airline passengers in the Opening of Misty Beethoven clip might look familiar. It is Mark Margolis (his first feature film part) who much later in life became somewhat famous as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad
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